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Whip-it! Soda Siphon (Screw Valve) - 1L Metal (Silver) (2.0 lb)

Whip-it! Soda Siphon (Screw Valve) - 1L Metal (Silver) 2.0 lb

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# Features: 1 Liter (2 Pints) # 1yr Manufacturer Guarantee How To Use: 1. Be sure the measuring tube is inserted in the bottle! 2. Fill the bottle with 1 Liter of very cold water 3. Re-insert the long siphon tube with washer 4. Screw on the top of the unit 5. Place the Co2 charger in the holder and screw it in. You will hear a hissing sound. Use only 1 charger. 6. The dispenser is now fully charged. Shake well! 7. When dispensing, depress lever gently and direct the water towards the side of the glass.