Why should I sell bubble tea/ boba tea?
The bubble tea market is booming! Bubble tea is not just a trend, it's here to stay. Within recent years, bubble tea has rapidly become the hottest beverage in many shops and restaurants nationwide. With all the coverage in the media, bubble tea (also commonly known as "boba tea") is now mainstream.

Who can sell bubble tea?
Anyone! We've helped numerous customers ranging from parties, fundraisers, kiosks, espresso carts, snack shops, smoothie and juice bars, booths, restaurants, coffee shops, bubble tea shops, to even wholesale distributors. Bubble tea is simple to make and highly profitable. Boba Tea Direct can help you add to your existing menu or create your bubble tea business with a entire line of refreshing products.

Can I really make money selling bubble tea?
Most definitely! Depending on the store location and volume, on average, a decent bubble tea shop can sell approximately 150-500 servings a day. We have even heard of locations selling over 1,000 servings a day! On average, a store charges $3.00-$3.50 USD for a serving of bubble tea (16oz or 20oz serving). However, the approximate cost for materials approximately $0.75 USD to make. That's about a 350% markup. Wow!

When should I start selling bubble tea?
Now! When bubble tea first started overseas, many skeptics thought the drink was all hype and just a fad. However, in just the past few years, it is estimated that thousands of bubble tea shops have sprung up throughout North America. If you include stores that have added bubble tea to their menus, the figure is estimated in the tens of thousands of new locations. So what are you waiting for? If you do not take advantage of it now, your competitors certainly will. Don't wait to follow others, set the trend.

What type of flavors should I offer in our store?
Boba Tea Direct is proud to present you the largest selection of bubble tea products! We have a huge variety of quality cream powders, sour powders, all-in-one powders, juice syrups, coffee syrups, coffee beans, chai, tea, coconut jelly, tapioca pearls, pudding mixes, jam, beans, and more. From the most accepted flavors to others flavors which are specific to certain palates, we have them all. So the possibilities are literally endless. Creativity is encouraged. Feel free to choose the flavors yourself, or please contact us for suggestions on the most popular flavors. Or, conveniently choose from one of our pre-arranged bubble tea kits.

Do you have wholesale prices?
Yes, we do! As you may have already noticed, our online prices are even cheaper than most bubble tea wholesalers. Therefore, Boba Tea Direct is essentially offering wholesale prices to both retail and wholesale customers. To give volume purchasers even a greater discount, we also offer additional discounts for purchases in larger quantities for selected items. (In viewing the details of a product, the wholesale prices and price breaks are listed.) Because of various promotions and coupons, all updated wholesale prices will be displayed online. Please note that there is NO minimum requirement or application to take advantage of our low prices.

Why should I choose Boba Tea Direct?
Boba Tea Direct is your one-stop source for bubble tea, boba, coffee, tea, chai and more! We are committed to providing you high-quality products, at very competitive prices, with excellent customer service. We only carry premium products; therefore, we are fully confident that our customers will be satisfied. Our products are always fresh, not only because our customers expect and deserve the best, but also because we expect that from ourselves. As our customers, you will take advantage of our exclusive discounts, newest product features, creative recipes, and loyalty reward points. Boba Tea Direct is committed to your success: "You grow, we grow!" We will do our best to support you every step of the way.