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Whip-it! Cream Whipper (Screw Valve) - .5L (Silver) (2.0 lb)

Whip-it! Cream Whipper (Screw Valve) - .5L (Silver) 2.0 lb

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Fifty years of Swiss craftsmanship and technology of whipped cream dispenser making is perfected with this model. It comes with two decorating tips for beautiful whipped cream. # Features: 1/2 Liter (1 Pint) # Includes 2 decorating tips # Will not oxidize # 1yr Manufacturer Guarantee # Comes with recipe booklet! Making Whipped Cream: "The Basics" 1. Fill the bottle about half way with "Heavy Whipping Cream" 2. Add in your sweetner (no granulated sugar) 3. Screw on the top of the unit 4. Place the N2O charger in the holder and screw it in. You will hear a hissing sound. The dispenser is charged. 5. Shake vigorously 4-5 times, ready to serve. *Tip: While releasing whipped cream, hold the bottle upside down vertically.