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"What is Boba?" Poster (11 x 17) (0.5 lb)

"What is Boba?" Poster (11 x 17) 0.5 lb

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A must have for boba tea shops. This poster is printed at high quality. Poster size is 11" x 17". Poster has a short description and overview of what boba is. It describes some common names for it, what boba is made of, it's texture and size. This is perfect for introducing bubble tea to your customers, especially those who may not be familiar with boba. A great way to advertise your bubble tea drinks in your restaurant or shop. For your own advertisement purposes, you can also customize the poster for your own purposes. Pay just a one time-fee for customization for each poster design. » Customize Text - $15 fee » Customize Logo - $15 fee The Text on the Poster is: What is Boba? -Wonderfully Chewy in the Middle -Naturally Sweet in the Center -Slight Soft on the Outside Boba, also known as black pearls or tapioca balls, is derived from the starch of the cassava root. When cooked perfectly, the Boba becomes a sweet chewy ball with a gummy-bear like texture about 1/4 of an inch in diameter. At first glance, you see a layer or dark, round balls at the bottom of your cup. As you sip your drink, these "mysterious marbles" travel up the specially wide straw. The texture, taste and chewy sensation makes you want more! Boba milk tea You will be amazed by the incredibly smooth milk tea texture and surprisingly chewy boba (tapioca) balls.