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Toddy Maker Cold-Brew Coffee Maker (5.0 lb)

Toddy Maker Cold-Brew Coffee Maker 5.0 lb

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The Toddy Maker is a simple device that uses cold water and a carefully designed filter system to produce an exceptionally pure coffee concentrate from ground coffee. The advantages of coffee brewed with the Toddy Maker make it a popular choice among both individuals and the food service industry. Cold water brewing extracts the desirable flavor elements, but eliminates many of the undesirable oils and acids found in hot brewed coffee that are not soluble at low temperatures. Cold brewed coffee tastes smoother and is easier on the stomach. Toddy coffee has been recommended by doctors to their patients who are sensitive to the acid in hot brewed coffee. The original Toddy Maker consists of a plastic brewing container with a plug and filter at the bottom. One pound of regular grind coffee and nine cups of cold water are added and allowed to steep for eight to twelve hours. The plug is then removed and the resulting concentrate is allowed to drain through the filter into a glass carafe which is also provided. The grounds are then disposed of (they make good compost) and the filter rinsed thoroughly. The concentrate must be refrigerated. To make a cup of hot coffee simply mix one part concentrate with three parts water and heat in the microwave. To make iced coffee mix one part concentrate with three parts water and serve over ice. The concentrate is good for about three weeks in the refrigerator, and can be frozen for several months.