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Sv41 Digital Vacuum Machine W- Vertical Tank  (225.0 lb)

Sv41 Digital Vacuum Machine W- Vertical Tank  225.0 lb

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Professional Vacuum Packing Machine.

Command Board: Digital 10 programs Dater: Double with 9 sectors, date in English and number of batch with 4 figures. Insert Gas System with 2 Nozzles

The design of the vacuum packing machine SV41 flows from Orved’s creativeness and experience as an innovative response to the needs of professional vacuum packing users. SV41 is marked by new devices, covered by patents: first of all, among these, the double depth vacuum chamber, which allows to vacuum pack every product “vertically”. Another innovative device, patented too, regards the system to lift the sealing bar thanks to special levers placed on both sides of the vacuum chamber; this mecanism is very useful for the hygiene inside the vacuum chamber. With a simple gesture, it is possible to remove the sealing bar, faciliting access to the vacuum chamber for better cleaning.
Available bags: Smooth bags


Sealing Beam: 16 3/8
Pump Speed: 900 cf/h.
Final Pressure: 0,5 Bar
17 1/8" W x 19 5/8" D x 18" H
Stainless Steel Body
120 V, 60 Hz, 900 W