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Rose Boba Tea - Bubble Tea Syrup (64 fl oz) (5.5 lb)

Rose Boba Tea - Bubble Tea Syrup (64 fl oz) 5.5 lb

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Sweet, alluring floral scents with authentic rose blossom flavors

Boba Tea Direct's rose tea syrup adds aromatic, floral notes to smoothies, slushies, and yogurts. For a refreshing iced tea drink, blend this bubble tea syrup with ice, sugar, creamer, and black/green tea. Our syrup is infinitely versatile and can be used in any number of ethnic recipes. Try it with rose lassi (a rose-flavored yogurt-based beverage), rose hip milk tea, or on baked stone fruit like peaches or nectarines.

  • Rose bubble tea powder is lactose-free and contains moderate levels of Vitamin C
  • It has no saturated fat content, which makes it an attractive addition to a healthy diet
  • Can be used in unique beverages like sweet rose milk tea or rose royal tea with popping bobas, rainbow jelly, or mini mochis
  • Aromatic, natural goodness in a sturdy 64 oz container with a secure screw-on lid