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Red Bull Energy Drink 12 (8.3oz) Cans (7.0 lb)

Red Bull Energy Drink 12 (8.3oz) Cans 7.0 lb

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Red Bull Energy Drink: > increases physical endurance > increases concentration and reaction speed > improves vigilance > improves the emotional status > stimulates metabolism Red Bull® Energy Drink is an energiser, developed particularly for periods of mental and physical stress and strain. It can be drunk in virtually any situation: during sports, at work, whilst driving and in leisure activities. Red Bull is much more than a soft drink - it is an energy drink. It was made for moments of increased physical and mental stress and improves endurance, alertness, concentration and reaction speed. In short: it vitalizes body and mind. The effectiveness of Red Bull Energy Drink has been proven by a large number of scientific studies and is appreciated by many of the world's top athletes and drivers, opinion-leaders and hard-working people with active lifestyles. All ingredients of Red Bull® Energy Drink are listed on the can. One can of Red Bull® Energy Drink (250 ml) contains the following ingredients: Carbonated water Sugar (sucrose, glucose) 27 g Taurine 1000 mg Glucuronolactone 600 mg Caffeine 80 mg Vitamins Niacin 20 mg Vitamin B6 5 mg Pantothenic acid 5 mg Vitamin B12 0.005 mg Further, it contains inositol, citric acid/sodium citrate as acidifier, colours (caramel, riboflavin) and flavours.