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Possmei Kumquat & Lemon Bubble Tea Juice (5.5 lb)

Possmei Kumquat & Lemon Bubble Tea Juice 5.5 lb

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What happens when you combine the taste of citrus-y Kumquats with the equally citrus-y lemons? The result is a potent tangy flavored syrup unlike any other! The wild and sharp taste may shock your palate at first but it slowly finishes off with a sweet round taste. It’s quite hard to capture the full essence of this fusion. As cliché as it sounds, you really have to experience it to fully understand its bold flavor. Shake your inhibitions away as you blend smoothies, shakes, and slushes with our Kumquat and Lemon Bubble Tea Juice. Adjust the taste with Possmei Honey Bubble Tea Juice if you prefer a sweeter twist.


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