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Possmei Instant Honeydew Powder (2.2 lb)

Possmei Instant Honeydew Powder 2.2 lb

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Refreshing tropical, sun-ripened flavors

Honeydew is hands down one of the most popular bubble tea flavors in the world. Boba Tea Direct's product brings the authentic flavors of sun-kissed honeydews to your customers. Our honeydew bubble tea powder can be used to make the freshest, most energizing lattes, smoothies, slushies, bubble teas, and creme frappes. Pair with brown sugar bobas or grape, strawberry, mango, and lychee popping bobas. Possmei Instant Honeydew Powder makes refreshing beverages that recall the peaceful ambiance of distant islands in high summer.

  • A guilt-free, slimming choice for health enthusiasts
  • A perfect base for coconut milk teas, pomelo-citrus teas, and pina colada slushes
  • Suitable pairing with herbal jellies, flavored puddings, fig jellies, mini mochis, and tangy popping bobas
  • Dependable goodness in a convenient, resealable pouch