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Panama 'La Palma Select' Coffee - Drip Grind (1-2-lb) (0.5 lb)

Panama 'La Palma Select' Coffee - Drip Grind (1-2-lb) 0.5 lb

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The Panamanian coffee plantation that grows La Palma Select is in an area with ideal conditions for coffee production. The coffee farm is located in the extreme western part of Panama, near the Costa Rican border, at an altitude of 4,500 feet close to the Volcan Baru. This altitude and volcanic soil are well suited for growing the best arabica beans. The relatively level terrain allows the coffee cherry to ripen evenly, resulting in more consistent bean quality and density.

The high altitude corresponds with a longer growing season which allows the development of the complex flavors that distinguish fine specialty coffees. The cooler climate reduces the number of pests that threaten lower altitude coffees.