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Oregon Chai, Vanilla 32 oz carton (2.38 lb)

Oregon Chai, Vanilla 32 oz carton 2.38 lb

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Oregon Chai’s Vanilla Concentrate adds the rich, creamy taste of vanilla into the already magical blend of black tea, spices, and honey. Is The Original flavor missing something, is that why it needs Vanilla? No, Chai’s blend of flavors and ingredients make it a beverage revelation all on its own, but why not add something delicious to something else that’s delicious? Especially when the end result is a bold and smooth taste that you might have not even realized you were craving all along! Directions Shake Concentrate well. Mix equal parts Concentrate and Milk (or dairy substitute) Pour over ice for a cold beverage. Microwave, steam, or heat mixture on stove top (do not boil!) for a deliciously hot drink! Product requires refrigeration after opening.