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Monin Ruby Red Grapefruit Syrup (1L) (4.0 lb)

Monin Ruby Red Grapefruit Syrup (1L) 4.0 lb

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The fragrant and colorful flesh of the Ruby Red grapefruit is famous for its delicious fruity flavor. Developed in Texas in the 19th century, the Ruby Red grapefruit is a sweeter cousin of the regular grapefruit. Like all Monin products, Ruby Red Grapefruit offers the convenience of true, fresh flavor without the intensive labor of fresh- squeezed juice. The naturally sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit eliminates the need for additional sweeteners. Ruby Red’s fresh citrus profile answers the flavor preference of today’s consumer, and adds great color and tartness martinis and margaritas, chilled and frozen drinks. Add the flavor of the most enticing of grapefruit varietals into your beverage recipes!