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Monin Lime Syrup (2.5 lb)

Monin Lime Syrup 2.5 lb

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Limes (also known as Persian limes) are green citrus fruits similar to lemons but generally smaller and with a more nuanced aroma. Their popularity has taken the flavor of Lime from Asian and Latin American cuisines to most American kitchens, restaurants and homes. Lime juice and zest are used in a variety of products; lime marmalade is wonderful spread on toast, and lime sorbet is a truly refreshing dessert. At the bar, many of the classic cocktails use the tart and aromatic flavor of lime: gin and tonic, caipirinha, mojito, margarita, Cuba Libre... with Monin Lime, it's so easy to add the authentic fresh aroma of lime to all your beverages. Sold per 750ml bottle. 12 bottles per case.