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Milk Tea Boba Tea - Bubble Tea Powder (1.3 lb)

Milk Tea Boba Tea - Bubble Tea Powder 1.3 lb

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Milk Tea Boba Tea Powder used to make Milk Tea Boba Tea Smoothies and Bubble tea Milk teas. Here's a fun fact: Did you know that the practice of putting in milk first before tea started to prevent fine bone china cups from breaking if hot tea is poured in first? Well, times have changed. We've now embraced drinking iced cold milk tea. Try ours and you'll fall in love with it! The taste of our milk tea powder is just right - not too strong, not too bland. The creamy goodness of milk and distinct taste of brewed tea leaves are perfectly blended in every sip. Why brave the traffic and horribly long lines when you can enjoy a cup of milk tea in your home? Serve it your way! If you've never tried the traditional flavor of bubble milk tea, you'll have to give this a try.


Number of Servings:
15-20 16oz  cups 10-15 24 oz cups
(3 scoops/serving)
Sold in 1.3 lbs bag 24bags/case


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