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Lavender Milk Tea - Boba Tea - Bubble Tea Powder (1.3 lb)

Lavender Milk Tea - Boba Tea - Bubble Tea Powder 1.3 lb

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Lavender bubble tea powder used to make lavender boba tea smoothies and lavender milk teas. Instant mix for lavender milk tea. Calm your weary senses with a tall glass Lavender milk tea or smoothie. The delicious flavor coupled with the wonderfully relaxing aroma of lavender flowers is just what you need to cap off a tiring day. Every sip is a fantastic respite from the stresses of everyday living.


For a richer taste and more velvety texture, try adding a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. Mix it up with other ice cream flavors or fresh fruits, if you feel like experimenting.


Sold in 1.3 lbs bag 24bags/case


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