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Krampouz Double Gas Crepe Griddle - Luxury Range (86.0 lb)

Krampouz Double Gas Crepe Griddle - Luxury Range 86.0 lb

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Double gas crepe griddle. 15 3/4". Two round cast iron griddles (seasoning required). Rectangular stainless steel frame. 8 spike shaped burners on each side. Security thermostat. Please employ the services of a certified gas technician to install this unit. Comes fitted for natural gas, but convertible on site to propane. Features: Burner insulation system. Large diameter 8 branch burner. Control thermostat allowing to regulate automatically the temperature of the griddle. Safety device by thermocouple: automatic cut off of gas supply if the flame goes out accidentally. Piezo push-button ignition. Gas connection provided for standardized hose. Butane/Propane or Natural Gas Supply. Wooden Spreader and Spatula included. Specifications: 2 × 24,000 BTU (Equivalent to 2 × 7 KW) 7 7/8" H x 34" W x 17 1/2" D