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Kenya AA Coffee - Whole Bean (1-lb) (1.0 lb)

Kenya AA Coffee - Whole Bean (1-lb) 1.0 lb

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Kenya AA coffee, which is grown at elevations of 4,900 to 6,800 feet, is nearing the top of the list of the world's finest Arabica bean coffees. When it comes to coffee production, Kenya has a reputation for absolute excellence, especially because it lies near the region where coffee beans originated. The "AA" in Kenya AA denotes the grade of this fine Kenyan coffee. The main growing areas stretch south from the slopes of Mt. Kenya almost to the capital of Nairobi. These gourmet coffee beans are grown on volcanic soils and are wet-processed; the beans are harvested, immediately removed from the cherries, and washed to remove the excess pulp. This process causes the coffee to have a full body of flavor with a heavy acidity. It also displays a gentle floral aroma as well as berry and citrus notes. Kenya AA coffee assures a sharp acidity, a stoic solid body and smooth winey penetrating flavor.

A heat sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee. Your coffee will be fresh roasted the day it ships. Enjoy!

Coffee from this country is also available in Decaf.