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Jet Tea Extreme Peach 64oz (6.0 lb)

Jet Tea Extreme Peach 64oz 6.0 lb

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JetTea is a reinvented smoothie, but way better. A 16oz. serving contains a half pound of real fruit, loaded with other good stuff such as vitamin C, and antioxidant rich green tea. And no, it doesn't taste like tea! It tastes like the thickest, fruitiest, smoothie you've ever had! JetTea Smoothies are made with an infusion of filtered water and green tea. Then vitamin C, and real fruit puree is added. Because JetTea is packaged under a sterile vacuum, it is shelf stable, without the need for refrigeration or preservatives. With JetTea you'll make a better smoothie than your local juice bar, only without the mess, ordering problems, inventory spoilage, and high cost. Each JetTea flavor is packaged in its liquid form in a 64 oz carton. No refrigeration is required, and the shelf life is a minimum of six months! After opening, it is good in the refrigerator for four weeks. Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

It is also fortified with vitamin C for 100% of the daily amount in just one 4 oz. serving. *Formerly known as Jet.

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