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Jet Non-Fat Yogurt Smoothie (Strawberry Banana) (4.0 lb)

Jet Non-Fat Yogurt Smoothie (Strawberry Banana) 4.0 lb

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Jet non-fat yogurt smoothie mixes combine the big bold all-natural flavor you’ve come to expect from Jet with all the smooth, creamy, wholesome goodness of yogurt! Combines the smooth rich goodness of 100% all natural yogurt with delectable flavor of fresh-picked black cherries. Made with all natural real fruit puree, non-fat yogurt, natural flavors, real sugar and no preservatives. Simply pour over ice and blend to enjoy this creamy good for you deliciousness. Plus They have …. · Only 100 calories per serving · Made with 100% all-natural fruit puree · Zero Fat · Zero Cholesterol · Zero Preservatives · Lots of Vitamin C · Immunity-Aiding Probiotics Unit Sold By: Per Carton | 64oz