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Green Jasmine Tea (in filter bags) (1.3 lb)

Green Jasmine Tea (in filter bags) 1.3 lb

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Green Jasmine Tea is a fragrant tea with a sweet floral scent. Traditionally served at meals, Green Jasmine Tea is best served hot. Jasmine flowers are dried and blended with tea. A beneficial tea in so many ways, it can help with digestion, helps lose weight, reduce fat, and cholesterol absorption.

Jasmine for years has been touted as calming to the nerves. The fragrance of fresh Jasmine in your Green tea adds just the right touch to make this a favorite in bubble or pearl tea. Easy to use filter bags allow for no messy clean up and no filtering of used leaves. Each filter bag makes 1 quart of tea when used for milk tea and 2-4 quarts when brewed for leisurely drinking.