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Glace Matcha Green Tea (3-lb pack) (3.0 lb)

Glace Matcha Green Tea (3-lb pack) 3.0 lb

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Matcha Green Tea is very popular and in demand these days for its unique, creamy and wonderful flavors. East Asians have been using this powder as part of their everyday dishes and drinks due to its flavors and benefits to the body. Create some guilt-free delicious drinks with our Match Green Tea Powder. Enjoy it hot on a cold evening or create a mouth watering and beautiful latte by mixing it with ice and water and topping it with creamy whipped cream.

For 12 oz. drinks : 25 servings (bag)
For 16 oz. drinks : 17 servings (bag)


Sugar, Non Dairy Creamer, Non Fat Milk, 100% Matcha Green Tea, Maltodextrin, Salt,
Natural flavor.


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