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Glace Italian Tart (3-lb 13-oz Pack) (4.0 lb)

Glace Italian Tart (3-lb 13-oz Pack) 4.0 lb

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Soft serve ice cream is a great refreshing snack to eat during hot summer days. For those who are constantly watching what they eat, soft serve frozen yogurt is a healthier yet equally delicious alternative. Create all your favorite fruity frozen yogurt treats with the use of our Italian Tart Powder. For a tasty fruity treat with soft serve yogurt, add some frozen berries to the mixture. For refreshing smoothies, simply blend the powder with some ice, water and frozen fruit bits.

Use soft serve yogurt machine for making frozen soft serve yogurt.
Use a blender for marking tart, yogurt smoothies.

For 5 oz. frozen yogurt : Makes about 282 servings.
For 8 oz. frozen yogurt : Makes about 177 servings.
For 12 oz. frozen yogurt : Makes about 118 servings.

For 12 oz. drinks : Makes about 98 servings.
For 16 oz. drinks : Makes about 70 servings.

Sugar, dextrose, powdered yogurt, non fat milk, lactic acid, maltodextrin, emulsifier:E471, carboximethylcellulose, guar seed meal, flavors.

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