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Glace Bubble Tea Set (Complete) - Gold (60.0 lb)

Glace Bubble Tea Set (Complete) - Gold 60.0 lb

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Here's what you get: (9) 3 lbs of product [35 servings each] total of 300+ servings (3) Bag of Tapioca Pearls (5.0 lb pack) (each bag serves 100 12oz drinks) (6) 50 large boba drinking straws (3) Measuring scoops (1) Complete direction guide Choose (9) flavors from any of the below! (3 lbs of each product) COFFEE FLAVORS Latte (Coffee) Mocha Vanilla Latte Cappuccino White Chocolate Mocha TEA FLAVORS Matcha Green Tea Black Milk Tea Chai Tea Taro Thai Tea FRUIT FLAVORS Avocado Mango Sour Green Apple Honeydew Watermelon Cantaloupe Pina Colada SMOOTHIE BASE Vanilla Frost (just add fruit, ice, and milk to create a perfect fruit smoothie) Retail Value $360.00 You will not to add anything else. It's already all pre-mixed into the powders. All you need is water and ice. MONEY MAKING IDEA: If you sold these drinks at a store, party, social gathering/event, or for a fundraiser at a serving price of $3.00, you would gross in about $900+ with this set alone. How much goes into your pocket? That's up to you.