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Generic Sealing Film (PP Cups) - Printed (8.0 lb)

Generic Sealing Film (PP Cups) - Printed 8.0 lb

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Generic Sealing Film (PP Cups) - Printed

custom printfor cold drinksmaterial resin ID code 5 pp

1 Roll (approximately 3500 seals) - 95mm Graphic designed Seals for Sealer machines. One roll can seal 3500+ PP cups. Great for bubble tea and boba tea shops. This film is used for sealing beverage cups. We have both sealers and sealing film. Promote your business with custom designed cups and seals. Please note that we cannot guarantee the design of the printed film. They come in an assortment of designs from the manufacturer (ie. various cartoon characters, images of scenery, etc.). If you want a specific design, we highly recommend getting a custom design or getting the clear film.