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Fiji Bottled Water (12 1 Litre Bottles) (29.0 lb)

Fiji Bottled Water (12 1 Litre Bottles) 29.0 lb

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12 1 Litre Plastic Bottles Of Fiji Water. Water, like wine, gets its taste from the terrain that forms it. (Wine experts reverently speak of terroir.) FIJI Water comes from tropical rain filtered for hundreds of years through volcanic stone. You can taste the purity in every sip. You can also taste the unique mineral composition, because geology creates its own taste profile, distinctive as a fingerprint. FIJI Water tastes soft and clean, light and refreshing because of its uniquely balanced mineral mix (low in calcium and magnesium and other hard-tasting minerals, and rich in silica). This is what gives FIJI Water the "soft, delicious, smooth taste"