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Dark Brown Sugar Syrup 11.2 lbs (11.2 lb)

Dark Brown Sugar Syrup 11.2 lbs 11.2 lb

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Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth and wanting to create deliciously sweet beverages at home? Satisfy your cravings for sweet treats with the help of our Dark Brown Sugar Syrup. This tasty and sweet syrup is made with premium quality ingredients and will ensure that any beverage you make with it will have a deep toasty and sweet note to it. For a delicious milk tea drink, mix this syrup with any blend of tea, milk and ice and shake well before serving.


Unit Sold By: Bottle (11.2 lbs)


Fructose Syrup (15%), Brown Sugar (60%), Water (24.9%), Potassium Sorbate (0.10%)

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