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Bubble Tea Training Class (2-Day Package Course) (0.0 lb)

Bubble Tea Training Class (2-Day Package Course) 0.0 lb

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Bubble Tea Classroom and Hands-On Training. You will learn how to make Bubble Tea/Boba drinks cook Tapioca, make coffee and Snow Fluff.

Boba Tea Direct offers a two-day Bubble Tea Classroom with Hands-On Training. Boba Tea training comes with a special $300 gift certificate to be awarded upon completion of the course and upon payment of the full web price.

Classroom Topics:

- Overview of the Industry
- Overview of the Product
- Overview of Equipment and Supplies 
-Brewing the "Best" Teas 
-Making the "Best" Boba 
-Making the "Best" Flavored Teas 
-Making the "Best" Ice-Blended Drinks/Smoothies 
-Marketing Techniques 
-Advertising Templates 
-Website Development 
-Financial Planning and Budgeting for Your Shop 
-Store Layout and Operational Efficiency 
-Strategic Developments 
-Guidelines in Hiring Employees 
-and much, much more... 

Hands-On Activities:

-Working in An Actual Shop with Actual Customers 
-Perfecting the drinks we learned in the classroom 
Training classes are conducted in the State of Colorado. The participants in the two-day training class will be guided and trained by an instructor that is fully dedicated and focused  to impart everything that the participants are expected to learn. Each participant is entitled to one guest who can also attend the two-day training course free of charge .  Payments must be made by check or money order before classes start.
**Please note Coffee and Snow Fluff training is additional. Please contact 888-881-8108 for more information. 
The following are some of the testimonials from past participants of the training course:
"I really enjoyed your products and I had been wondering how they were made until I heard about your training classes. I enrolled just to be able to make my own drinks. However, after learning the ins and outs of the business as part of the course, I was encouraged to start my own business. I am now looking for the best location possible I could find so I can start my own business the soonest time possible." (Trainee from Oregon)
"I attended your training classes because my sister said I could attend for free being her guest. At first, I thought it will be a waste of time as I had no interest whatsoever in this kind of products and business.  I was wrong. This training is the best thing that ever happened in my adult life. It opened my eyes to the great possibility of starting my own business selling products that everybody will love. The knowledge I acquired from the training sessions is more than what I learned in my college days. Armed with what I learned from you guys, I am confident I am now ready to start my own business selling the best drinks the world. Unfortunately, my sister who took me to the training sessions decided it was not for her." (Trainee from California)
"The instructor was the best. He taught us everything he could in two short days. His style was so simple yet so informational. We started totally clueless about the business and we ended up ready to start our own. Pretty soon, we will be getting in touch with you again when we placed our order for the business we will be starting." (Trainee from Minnesota)
"Bad news to the competitors! I will now start my own Boba Tea business in Los Angeles. Thank you very much Boba Tea Direct" (Another trainee from California)
(We also accept wire transfer or direct deposit for training classes payments. Please contact us for details.)