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Bubble Tea Custard Pudding Mix (2.2 lb)

Bubble Tea Custard Pudding Mix 2.2 lb

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Satisfying flavor evocative of the elegance, sweetness, and silky smoothness of traditional custard

As one of the most popular pudding flavors for boba tea, Boba Tea Direct carries a wide range of pudding mixes for pudding milk tea, drinks, and specialty desserts. Our custard pudding powder mix can also be used in slushies and blended ices. Note that custard powder must be boiled with water and sugar and then chilled to achieve a pudding consistency.

  • Enjoy bubble tea with egg or custard pudding, instead of the traditional boba or pearl tapioca
  • Add fresh fruit to pudding-topped bubble tea for a delicious treat
  • Our custard pudding mix can also be used in conjunction with any number of Hokkaido milk-based recipes
  • Its unmatched flavor is preserved in a resealable foil pouch