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Brema VM500 Ice Cube Machine, Air cooled (223.0 lb)

Brema VM500 Ice Cube Machine, Air cooled 223.0 lb

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Automatic Ice Cube Maker – Vertical Evaporator System. Modular models, without internal ice storage bin. Must be combined with a collection BIN or DOUBLE ROLLER BIN (different models available). The ice produced by these appliances (thanks to its shape and weight of about 7 g) is particularly suitable for the fastfood and for all the uses of carbonate beverages pouring. Features: 304 Stainless Interior and Exterior Specifications: Ice Production: 440 lbs / 24 H. Cooling System: Air Size of Cube: 1/4 Oz Refrigerant: R404A Usable Bin: Bin 240 PE 220 – 240 V, 60 Hz, 20 A, 1600 W Water consumption: Air: 2,4 gal/lb Dimensions: 30 8/25 " W x 21 13/20 " D x 31 7/10 " H