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Boba Tea Direct - Platinum Deluxe Bubble Tea Kit with Equipment (800.0 lb)

Boba Tea Direct - Platinum Deluxe Bubble Tea Kit with Equipment 800.0 lb

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Want to start a Bubble Tea Business or add Bubble Tea to your existing Business? Don't know what you need? We can help! The Platinum Deluxe Bubble Tea Kit includes everything you need to get started! The kit comes with the following items below. (3) Case of Boba/Tapioca for Bubble Tea - Grade A [SKU: A2000] (3) Case of Non-Dairy Creamer - 10bags/cs [SKU: P1022] (5) Almond Powder [SKU: P1000] (5) Banana Powder [SKU: P1001] (5) Chocolate Powder [SKU: P1005] (5) Coconut Powder (Original) [SKU: P1015] (5) Honeydew Powder (Original) [SKU: P1030] (5) Lavender Milk Tea Powder [SKU: P1036] (5) Mango Powder [SKU: P1037] (5) Matcha (Green Tea) Powder [SKU: P1045] (5) Milk Tea Powder [SKU: P1040] (5) MochaBLAST Mocha Latte Powder [SKU: P6100] (5) Strawberry Powder [SKU: P1062] (5) Taro Powder (Original) [SKU: P1065] (5) Vanilla Powder (NEW & IMPROVED) [SKU: P1068] (5) Watermelon Powder [SKU: P1071] (6) Blueberry Syrup (64 oz) [SKU: J0900] (6) Green Apple Syrup (64 fl oz) [SKU: J1020] (6) Lychee Syrup (64 fl oz) [SKU: J1040] (6) Mango Syrup (64 oz) [SKU: J1045] (6) Passion Fruit Syrup (64 fl oz) [SKU: J1060] (6) Peach Syrup (64 fl oz) [SKU: J1065] (6) Pineapple Syrup (64 oz) [SKU: J1071] (6) Raspberry Syrup (64 fl oz) [SKU: J1081] (6) Strawberry Syrup (64 Fl oz) [SKU: J1090] (6) Watermelon Syrup (64 oz) [SKU: J1091] (6) Pomegranate Syrup (64oz) [SKU: J1072] (6) Longan Honey (TeaZone, 106 oz bottle) - NEW & IMPROVED [SKU: S1015] (2) Fructose - 25kg [SKU: S1010] (2) Assorted Yogo Jelly [SKU: B2020] (2) Coffee Jelly [SKU: B2025] (2) Green Apple Coconut Jelly [SKU: B2006] (2) Lychee Coconut Jelly [SKU: B2005] (2) Mango Jelly [SKU: B2015] (2) Mango Coconut Jelly [SKU: B2008] (2) Strawberry Coconut Jelly [SKU: B2009] (2) Passion Fruit Coconut Jelly [SKU: B2007] (2) Mango TeaZone Popping Pearls GOURMET-Series (7-lbs) [SKU: B2055] (2) Passion Fruit TeaZone Popping Pearls GOURMET-Series (7-lbs) [SKU: B2053] (2) Strawberry TeaZone Popping Pearls GOURMET-Series (7-lbs) [SKU: B2051] (10) 1oz Measuring Spoon [SKU: U1015] (2) 500cc (16 oz) Cocktail Shaker [SKU: Y5006] (2) 800cc (28 oz) Cocktail Shaker [SKU: Y5011] (4) Tapioca Scoop [SKU: U1020] (1) Wooden Tapioca Stirrer/Scoop [SKU: U1030] (6) Stainless Steel Bar Spoon [SKU: U1050] (4) 500cc (16 oz) Measuring Cup [SKU: Y5000] (1) 500cc (16oz) Clear PP Cups - Karat®, U-rim, 2000 pcs [SKU: C1011 (Karat)] (1) 700cc (24oz) Clear PP Cups - Karat®, U-rim [SKU: C1012 (Karat)] (4) 10" Milk Tea Bucket - 640 ounces/20 quarts [SKU: Y5015] (4) 9.75" Tea Filter (Dispenser) 9.75" Tea Filter (Dispenser) [SKU: Y5020] (4) 10.25" Milk tea bucket Cover [SKU: Y5016] (1) Case - Large Straws Color 7.5" [SKU: C9000] (1) Case of Black Tea Leaves 13.3 lbs. (6.03kg) [SKU: T1030] (1) Case of Green Tea Leaves 13.3 lbs. (6.03kg) [SKU: T1020] (1) Case of Thai Tea Leaves 0.85 lb. [SKU: T1035] (1) Case of Golden Milk Tea Leaves 13.3 lbs. (6.03kg) [SKU: T1025] (1) Automatic Sealing Machine (PP/PET 95mm cups) with Universal Cutter Base - UL Certified [SKU: Y8029UL] (1) Sealing Machine Cutter Rim (95mm) [SKU: Y8029-03] (2) Clear Sealing Film (PP Cups) - No Print [SKU: C7020] (2) Vitamix T & G 2 On-Counter Commercial Blender with 32 oz. Advance Container - Model #34013 [SKU: Y8012] (5) Black Minute Pearls 2.2lb bag (1) "What is Boba?" Poster (11 x 17) (1) Bubble Tea Poster (11 x 17) - Design Two (1) Bubble Tea Poster (11 x 17) - Swirl What are you waiting for? Don't delay, get this today!