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Aloe Vera Jelly (Honey Flavor) (6.6 lb)

Aloe Vera Jelly (Honey Flavor) 6.6 lb

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Delicious jelly steeped in rich honey, with superlative QQ (chewy) characteristics

Aloe vera jelly is a popular bubble tea topping. For itself, aloe vera is prized for its healing and anti-aging properties. It's especially effective against skin inflammations and sunburns. Today, aloe vera is believed to reduce blood glucose levels, which makes it particularly useful in anti-diabetic health regimens. Boba Tea Direct's luscious aloe vera jelly can be added to bubble teas in place of bobas, puddings, boba noodles, or pearl tapioca balls.

  • Aloe vera jelly joins another healthful alternative to bobas: konnyaku (konjac) jelly
  • Both aloe vera and konnyaku jelly are believed to contain anti-diabetic properties
  • Boba Direct's al-dente jelly cubes can be used in combination with daring toppings like chia seeds