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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Peaberry 1 Lb Bag (1.0 lb)

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Peaberry 1 Lb Bag 1.0 lb

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Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most sought after coffees in the world. This "Java of Kings" has been satisfying coffee connoisseurs around the globe for more than two centuries and is famous for its exquisite flavor, good acidity, a clean refined taste, unusual sweetness, excellent body and intense bold aroma. As rare and prized as this coffee is, we've been able to secure a very limited supply of Peaberry beans. Coffee beans grow on small trees and by nature are usually 2 flat beans to a cherry. Peaberry beans on the other hand contain a single round bean instead of the two beans -- the myth being that the flavor that is shared with two beans is now concentrated into one. Make sure to get your Jamaica Blue Mountain Wallenford Estate Peaberry before it's all gone!!!