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Formosa Green Dragon Oolong Tea (1-4 Pound Bag) (0.25 lb)

Formosa Green Dragon Oolong Tea (1-4 Pound Bag) 0.25 lb

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This smooth and aromatic Taiwanese oolong tea is greener than most. Lighter in color, both leaf and liquor, the Green Dragon Oolong is oxidized for a shorter period of time then the darker oolong teas. This makes for an entirely different character, a lighter, delicate flavor with a hint of floral undertones. The tightly rolled leaves expand to reveal a bud and two leaves that can be brewed several times, with each infusion creating a new experience.

This gourmet green tea is in loose leaf form and will ship with a free tea ball infuser. Limit one free infuser per order.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.